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After the essay a week after, you have a science project due. You groaned and hesitated to cry. Amaimon was sitting on your bed and observed you. You turned to him, a pout on your face. He didn't do anything, nor change the expression on his face. You were in front of him and placed your head on his shoulder.

"Amaimon. . ." You whimpered.

He kept sucking on his lollipop, one of his hands patting your back gently. "There, there. This might help."

He took the candy out of his mouth and shoved it in yours. You blushed deeply, since he rarely shared any candies with anyone. You tasted the flavor of it; cherry. You sat down next to him, the green-haired boy glancing at you. You sniffled before you laid your head on his shoulder once again.

"I can't do this! School is so complicated!" You whined.

He glanced at the tri-fold seeing it was blank then back at you. You looked at him with the best puppy dog eyes you could ever give, the demon sensing what you wanted to do. He stood up and carried you in his arms.

"A-A-Amaimon?" You questioned.

"There's no way you can turn it in if you were kidnapped." He responded bluntly, already on the windowsill.

You gulped at how close you were to him and blushed. "B-But-"

"Let's go to the candy store." He said, jumping down and carrying you to the number one shop he loved.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, the demon have a very small smile on his face. "And then we can go to my room and eat them."

You laughed softly, looking forward to being kidnapped.
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